Programme Interventions.

HFTEMU currently pursues the following programme Interventions.


Spiritual nurture. HFTEMU undertakes fellowships and individual home based prayers with the beneficiary seniors. This is aimed at bringing hope to the lives of the seniors who are in most cases dejected but also prepare them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ since they are in their terminal days.


Seniors social welfare support. Many of the seniors under our care are needy without the ability to regularly and consistently avail themselves the most basic of their needs such as soap, sugar, paraffin and food. While we currently don’t reach all our beneficiaries with every basic need, HFTEMU provides some of the seniors with basic supplies such as soap, sugar salt, paraffin and lighting. This makes them feel loved and appreciated giving them more hope in life and a purpose of living.

Home visits and Outreaches. We conduct several home visits to the various homes of our seniors. While many are planned, some are spontaneous to evaluate their conditions of stay and needs on a normal day. A lot still has to be done to improve on the seniors’ welfare. Many don’t get the care they wanted from their attendants while some were not attended to at all times. This put their lives at risk.

Health care interventions. Our experience revealed that good health care and attention was the seniors’ highest priority need. Their health regularly fluctuates and needs regular attention. We try to get some of the seniors’ health attended to in clinics and hospitals. Our plan however is to run a fully fledged health scheme where the seniors simply check-in at partner hospitals on a customized arrangement. We also have plans to run our own health facility at the seniors’ center.

Advocating for seniors rights and needs. HFTEMU is building a strong base and linkages to strongly advocate for the rights and needs of seniors particularly at the local level in Tororo but also foster advocacy efforts at National level. Through its outreaches, public functions and private interactions, the HFTEMU leadership is playing a growing role in making the plight, needs and rights of Seniors known. As a result of these initiatives, many individuals and corporate bodies are expected to come up to support our cause and work.


HFTEMU currently is supporting 20 seniors in the above areas. This includes 14 women and 6 men in various areas of Tororo. There more women than men seniors and in comparative terms, women were established to be in more deplorable conditions often with no care but instead shouldering the burden of taking care of grandchildren that are abandoned with them. Our support however is still largely limited to spiritual, emotional and basic needs provision at very minima terms and should be scaled up to create impact.



HFTEMU plans to scale up all kits currently intervention in coverage and quality to create better impact. We plan to reach 70 seniors by 2016.

We plan to set up our own health care facility to both attend to the health needs of the seniors and those of the community as a means of increasing our sustainability in a way that impact the community welfare.

We intend to set up a seniors’ Economic welfare support project that will entail support towards the growth of seniors’ incomes through operation of Household based income generating projects that are manageable within their means.

We also plan to run a seniors’ Dependants Welfare and Education support Project which will aimed at supporting the education of needy dependants under the seniors’ care.